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Four short links: 22 May 2013

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Swipely raises another $12m from tiny Rhode Island | PandoDaily -- Payment processing company Swipely is announcing a $12 million series B today. Thats a nice chunk of change for any company, but its particularly nice for one based in the not-so-techy-hot-bed of Rhode Island. Davis notes that Swipelys location was an issue for several investors he spoke with, and flying back and forth from Rhode Island to Menlo Park was distracting and time consuming.

ABC: Always Be Coding Tech Talk Medium -- If your value is < 90, you should read this. There are too many variables, especially at a company like Google where you are placed with 5-7 random software engineers and its up to them to come up with an appropriate set of questions to ask, usually involving whiteboard coding. By coding, youre practicing. To do this, you must write a lot of code, read a lot more, and learn the gotchas and best practices. I often use the phrase a simple matter of programming because I believe the harder parts of being an engineer is before and after most of the coding takes place. For example, designing what youre about to code and ensuring what youve already coded is shippable and production ready. Google is basically all about coding at a whiteboard, whereas Square is effectively all pair-programming at a real machine with your language and IDE of choice.

GIF Creator, Steve Wilhite, Receives Lifetime Achievement Webby Award - NYTimes. ... -- Among the thousands of file formats that exist in modern computing, the GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, has attained celebrity status in a sea of lesser-known BMPs, RIPs, FIGs and MIFFs. Colleagues abandoned work on on other black and white formats, he said, as graphics experts began to spread the GIF online.

Soylent Corporation -- For anyone that struggles with allergies, heartburn, acid reflux or digestion, has trouble controlling weight or cholesterol, or simply doesn't have the means to eat well, soylent is for you. Proceeds from the purchase of soylent enable us to work with aid partners and reduce hunger and environmental impact both in the United States and the developing world. I have lots of energy...Drinking soylent allows me to feel in a precise manner the difference between actual biologically-motivated hunger and the simple wanting of food." Prior to Soylent, John worked worked in finance, as well as mid and early stage technology companies.

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