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Four short links: 22 August 2013

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Dear Miss Disruption Medium -- Also, if you knew how to code, your mother-in-law would never make some weird joke about how unmanly you are, ever again. I dont know what it was about him that triggered my usually absent sense of empathy, but I started thinking what if he learned how to code? You and I both know, learning to code is the best way to pull oneself up by ones bootstraps. Other than my affluent Orange County family, my Stanford bachelors degree, and the $10 million that my uncle invested as seed capital for my innovative advice column start-up, I have nothing but my ability to code. After all, the young Journeyman Hacker might not be in a state to learn how to code.

I will not do your tech interview. Lessons Learned Medium -- Succeeding with this approach to interviewing gives you a level of credibility and leverage that you can never get from a traditional interview. I have had a 100% success rate (4/4) in getting job offers from companies that I interview with in this way. However, Id urge any company to really look hard at what their interview process is screening for. Its totally important to know if Ive worked much with CSS(no) or if I know how A* works(yes). I havent been able to make these strategies work in a tech interview.

Government and the internet Patrick Collison -- Over the last two decades, tension between government and the changes caused by the internet has been a recurring theme. But governments still operate on timescales of days and weeks while its becoming easier for events to play out hour-by-hour. its also decentralized.) With the internet, we can rapidly rewire our communication networks when a node becomes an important source of information. Its much harder for governments to maintain secret structures, and they must contend with the omnipresent risk of a calamitous leak. Because its now far easier to eavesdrop on communications, maintain intrusive databases, etc., its much more tempting to do it. (To the union of all libel laws?) The most obvious solution is to have an internet company be subject only to the laws of the country in which it resides, but even this doesnt work : companies can easily operate from multiple countries.

Ben Milne | Innovators Under 35 | MIT Technology Review -- The reality is, the way we exchange money makes money worth less, he says. So Dwolla doesnt need to pay fees to anyone. the recipient will get a message prompting him or her to sign up with Dwolla to accept the money. And banks benefit because Dwolla can move money in real time, a capability no other network has.

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