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Four short links: 21 June 2013

Elon Musk, video game company, domestic joint venture, Grand Poobah

Tesla Shows Off A 90-Second Battery Swap System, Wants It At Supercharging Stati ... -- Tesla teased electric motorheads earlier this week by announcing an event that would show off its curious battery swapping system , and it wound up being even more impressive than most of us imagined. Long story short, Tesla can swap a Model Ss battery in just 90 seconds (thats less time than it takes to fuel up a regular car), and you wont even have to get out of your seat to do it. Theres the cost to consider Tesla expects each battery swap station to cost about $500,000 to build, to say nothing of the maintenance and infrastructure costs that will come now that someone presumably has stop by each station and replace worn-down batteries.

Not Rocket Science 5 Years of -- On April 6, 2008 , Jeff Atwood asked for help naming his little project. On April 16 , he announced . I follow many people I first met on StackOverflow and when 140 chars are too limiting I can open a question on StackOverflow or Programmers.SE . There are many great people who were part of the early pioneering group, including Matt Hamilton , Jin Yang , Konrad Rudolph , John Sheehan and many, many more. I still hack stuff together, but now I know why

Tencent, Naspers India JV Ibibo Buys redBus To Grow Its Online Travel Empire | ... -- TechCrunch has just found out that Ibibo , their domestic joint venture, has acquired , a Bangalore-based online bus ticketing company that has become a dominant and disruptive force in how people travel in the country. It plans to bring Redbus into its existing travel portfolio which includes a B2C travel aggregator, , and TravelBoutiqueOnline , a B2B travel agency platform.

GitHub Got Silly Rich. Next Step: 'Make More Awesome' - Businessweek -- And then theres an Enterprise Plan for companies that want to take the GitHub software and run it in their own data centers for maximum control and security. Just about all the major Web companiesGoogle ( GOOG ), Facebook ( FB ), Netflix ( NFLX )have a presence on GitHub, where they share their open-source code with the public and give their internal engineers a place to work together. Right now were optimized for software, but who knows? He refuses to budge on exactly when GitHub for lawyers or chefs or city planners will emerge, instead remarking that those products will be ready when theyre ready. GitHub has without question come up with a methodology that appeals to developers, and if its able to carry this structure to other industries and more mainstream professionals, then the company will indeed be making plenty of awesomeand plenty of cash.

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