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Four short links: 20 June 2013

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Working with Stripe Payouts API | winn by Chris Winn -- recipient = Stripe::Recipient.create( name: "#{}", type: 'individual', email:, bank_account: { country: 'US', routing_number: params[:routing_number], account_number: params[:account_number] } ) user.update_attributes!(recipient_id: ... amount = self.amount + fee begin charge = Stripe::Charge.create( amount: (amount * 100), # Stripe expects pennies currency: 'usd', card: token, description: "Wedding gift to #{}" ) self.charge_id = ... private def transfer transfer = Stripe::Transfer.create( amount: wedding.balance, # Always deduct the total currency: 'usd', recipient: wedding.recipient_id, # Identifies their bank account statement_descriptor: 'Wedding registry payout' ) self.status = 'pending' self.transfer_id = wedding.empty_balance!

Customer Outreach Startup Intercom Raises $6M Round Led By The Social+Capital Pa ... -- Plus, McCabe said that by adding just a few lines of JavaScript to their site, businesses get a natural way to interact with their customers, not just by sending them marketing emails (which often come in at inconvenient times and are ignored), but also at the moment of greatest relevance when theyre inside your product.

Zuckerberg Replies To His Facebook Commenters Questions On Immigration | TechC ... -- Andy Bartholomew of the Naval Academy asked, How about supporting reforms that allow people a real path to permanent residency, rather than more H1B indentured guest worker visas? Zuckerberg replied this group is focused on getting full comprehensive immigration reform passed. I think whats going on is that some folks are upset that were supporting politicians who have other views they dont agree with even though weve been quite clear that were going to support people in both parties who have the courage to support immigration reform and stick their necks out to do so.

AP Takes A Stake In Bambuser, The Real-Time Mobile Video Service That Helps Eyew ... -- The plan will be to build out existing areas of coverage, but also to help Bambuser build out its bigger business model, effectively doing for other news organizations what it already does for the AP: creating a cost effective platform that can be used by reporting teams to both record and transmit video footage, and also help source footage that can be authenticated and used alongside that professional coverage.

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