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Four short links: 1 June 2013

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Here's Some Extremely Rare Color Footage of New York City in 1939 -- Yesthese are the days when everyone was in a hat and in this little film there are: porkpie hats, newsy caps, straw hats, bowler hats, fancy lady hats, a safari looking hat, wide-brim hats, conductors caps, and other stylish headdresses.

Why 3 MIT Grads Want to Send You an Empty Box | Wired Business | -- As someone who hardly ever sells anything online in part because I never have the right box, I am clearly the target market for Sold. To ensure that stuff sells quickly, and to ease into what at a much larger scale could become a serious exercise in logistical complexity, Sold is pushing hard for early users to sell just a few, mostly upscale kinds of products (see video above): tablets, laptops, cameras, smartphones, designer sunglasses and handbags, headphones and watches.

- a personal API ive long been a follower of the... -- ive long been a follower of the quantified self even back before we started calling it that and started building all this software behind it. but ive long wanted it all in one place or, at least, something to give me the illusion of one place. (for example, on many of the services ive tried recently, ive had to cobble together and reverse engineer things to pull my own raw data out in some normalized form).

Shapeways Introduces New Squishy 3D Printing Material, Elasto Plastic | TechCr ... -- While the name Elasto Plastic sounds like an 80s punk band, it is, in fact, a new material from 3D printing company Shapeways . Feel free to directly email us at

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