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Four short links: 1 July 2013

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Startup Investing Trends -- The other big driver of change is that startups are becoming cheaper to start. And in fact the two forces are related: the decreasing cost of starting a startup is one of the reasons startups are becoming a more normal thing to do. The total amount of desirable startup stock available to investors will probably increase, because the number of desirable startups will probably grow faster than the percentage they sell to investors shrinks. So many of the biggest startups almost didn't happen that there must be a lot of equally good startups that actually didn't happen. As more of them go ahead and start startups, those 15 big hits a year could easily become 50 or even 100. Few investors understand the cost that raising money from them imposes on startups. If there were a reputable investor who invested $100k on good terms and promised to decide yes or no within 24 hours, they'd get access to almost all the best deals, because every good startup would approach them first. Although the finiteness of the number of good ideas is not the reason there are only 15 big hits a year, the number has to be finite, and the more startups there are, the more we'll see multiple companies doing the same thing at the same time. [ 7 ]

Omni: Move Naturally in Your Favorite Game by Virtuix Kickstarter -- DIY OMNI: Get the Omni base and shoes, and build the upper support structure yourself. Get the full Omni natural motion interface, including platform, shoes, belt, and tracking hardware and software. (Add $49 per additional pair of shoes, $79 per additional belt, $79 for the Omni Rack, see project description. And get the full Omni natural motion interface, including platform, shoes, belt, and tracking hardware and software. (Add $49 per additional pair of shoes, $79 per additional belt, $79 for the Omni Rack, see project description. Omni shipping costs separate, see FAQ)

xkcd: Success -- 10 hours [[Man standing in front of the computer which now has a laptop plugged into the tower.]] Man: Well the desktop's a lost cause, but I think I can fix the problems the laptop's developed.

How the Baby Boomers Destroyed America's Future (^DJI) -- Point is, the Baby Boomers sold America... There is nothing in this article that suggest that "this is the baby boomers fault". The Baby Boomers didn't create this madness, the policy makers did and those policy makers come from all generations and from both sides of the isle. It's the Baby Boomers fault! So, for all you that were complaining about your 40 year old child still at's one that has just about everything most baby boomers want but is still complaining. Apparently this little brat Alex Planes is just that - a spoiled brat - placing blame on his parents instead of rightfully placing blame on how the country is run. Of all of the boomers, less than 1% had to do with policy making and direction of this country. Get a grip folks boomers are aging and guberment is workin' hard to ensure that we will get medical benefits cut off as a culling measure. When there is a boom in population, the natural result is more unemployment and a smaller PERCENTAGE of middle class. In 10 years, as more boomers retire and begin to draw on Social Security and Medicare, that gap will grow 150% larger." Instead of blaming the Baby Boomers, put the blame were it should be - the government giving away all kinds of our money to people who refuse to work, governments that hate us, Obama phones, illegal immigrants and the list goes on. Of course baby boomers are going to dislike this article and try and discredit it, but facts are facts. I find it sort of sad seeing all the comments from the baby boomers trying to blame their children. The author is throwing up charts without proving any direct correlation between baby boomers and the charts and statistics other than the fact that boomers existed during the same period as the changes in the economy. Got to go still working my but off for a great income and enjoying every minute of it, and I MAKE NO APOLOGIES .............I WORK HARD if you did the same maybe you could enjoy some of the same success of the boomer generation. According to this story the 1% of the Baby Boomers made it big so blame the other 99% who don't have enough to retire with nor will they ever????? Without us boomers you would not have cell phones, computers, color t.v.'s, microwaves, and many other amenities of life to help you live more comfortably.

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