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Four short links: 1 August 2013

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Without Their Permission Have you seen episode 1 of my new show on The...Withou ... -- For aspiring entrepreneurs eager to embrace the future of the internet for fun, profit, and the good of humankind.

Scientific Breakthrough Lets SnappyCam App Take 20 Full-Res Photos Per Second | ... -- Your standard iPhone camera app is actually pretty slow, able to take just three to six photos per second at 8 megapixels each. But with SnappyCam 3.0 , you can shoot 20 full-resolution photos per second thanks to a breakthrough in discrete cosine transform JPG science by its inventor. Thats actually the limit of the hardware.

Why I Left Medium - Kenneth Reitz -- If you arent aware, Medium is a new content platform designed for readers and writers. Myself from three years ago would be having a panic attack from the idea of just shoving all my content on a different domain without rhyme or reason. As months went by, I found myself happily writing as my traffic slowly declined. When Im writing, I dont want to be in code mode.

BBC-News/wraith GitHub -- # Add only 2 domains, key will act as a label domains: uk: "" france: "" #Type screen widths below, here are a couple of examples screen_widths: - 320 - 600 - 768 - 1024 - 1280 #Type page URL paths below, here are a couple of examples paths: search_page: /imghp map_page: /maps

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