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Four short links: 19 September 2013

Robert Scoble, mobile surveys, analyst group, Millennium Development Goals

Social-first: The new way to live -- Last week I watched this interview between Chamath Palihapitiya and Robert Scoble and found myself nodding vigorously as Chamath articulated a phenomenon that has been swirling around my head for a while: people are beginning to do things in the real world for the purpose of sharing them online.

Qualaroo delivers marketer and funnel conversion insights with its new mobile We ... -- A number of large enterprises have used Qualaroos mobile survey product in private beta, including U.S. News & World Report, Logitech, and Hispanic-focused local search destination , which sees more than 50 percent of its traffic come from mobile devices. And some of the government statements I think have been profoundly unhelpful.

Gartner: 102B App Store Downloads Globally In 2013, $26B In Sales, 17% From In-A ... -- As for the rest of that revenue in 2013 $21.58 billion Gartner doesnt break out how much revenue is coming from paid apps versus advertising, or even if its calculating advertising into the mix (were reaching out to ask). Its already having an effect of how developers are pricing on stores: Blau writes that free apps account for 60% of apps on Apples App Store, and 80% on Google Play. Gartner notes that Google Play will take 47% of app store downloads by 2017, a decline from today because of the rise of domestic app stores from the likes of 91 Wireless and 360 Market in China.

MDGs-Dream-with-a-Deadline -- I think the MDGs are the best idea for focusing the world on fighting global poverty that Ive ever seen. General Assembly, where Ill be meeting with a number of partners to talk about the progress of the MDGs and what comes next. The proportion of people in extreme poverty has been cut by more than half, meeting MDG 1 five years early. I dont have a position on what the new goals should be, but I do think they should build on what made the current goals so successfulstarting with the fact that there were only eight MDGs, which let the world zero in on the most important areas. The MDGs create a positive feedback loop by setting clear, specific targets and measuring the progress toward them. The MDGs are focused on areas where we have the tools that will drive progress, like vaccines to stop childhood diseases and bednets to prevent malaria.

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