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Four short links: 19 July 2013

Brendan Eich, David Sobel, budget deliberations, security standpoint

JavaScript Isn't Scheme -- Usually, touching Scheme or Smalltalk inflicts an incurable disease whose primary symptom is involuntary sneering and derisive snorting in the presence of any other language. This is misleading because JavaScript has more in common with functional languages like Lisp or Scheme than with C or Java. Scheme is even more Lisp than Lisp, so its like that weird avant garde band no ones heard of that Radiohead always claims inspired their latest album. Lots of programmers believe JavaScript is basically Scheme because it gives them something they want to believe: that the language they choose to use has some cachet and they dont have to feel bad about it anymore. And, honestly, almost no one knows enough Scheme to tell if its true or not anyway. Heres the defining characterists of Scheme, the stuff whose gestalt makes Scheme special:

MIT Moves to Intervene in Release of Aaron Swartz's Secret Service File | Threat ... -- MIT claims its afraid the release of Swartzs file will identify the names of MIT people who helped the Secret Service and federal prosecutors pursue felony charges against Swartz for his bulk downloading of academic articles from MITs network in 2011. -- The 12,900 workers in the Bing budget proposed this month is much more than similar size Midwestern cities including Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio, and double much more populous cities including San Jose, Calif. Some areas of the city lost 30 percent or more of their residents, including a 51 percent drop in at least one east side neighborhood, the State Fair area near Eight Mile and Woodward.

[1307.4952] The Pin-Bang Theory: Discovering The Pinterest World -- Abstract: Pinterest is an image-based online social network, which was launched in the year 2010 and has gained a lot of traction, ever since.

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