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Four short links: 18 September 2013

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Web development in C: crazy? Or crazy like a fox? Code adventures Medium -- For C web development, there are actively maintained bindings for just about all of the DBs and MQs that you would expect: Redis (created by Redis creator Antirez himself), PostgreSQL , MySQL , MongoDB , RabbitMQ , Riak , zeroMQ , CouchDB , and so on. If thats the case, then running C web applications on the platforms of the future will proceed exactly like running applications in any other runtime, which would be a nice boost to C web development in general.

Inside Dropbox's Quest to Bury the Hard Drive | Wired Business | -- In an auditorium packed with elite coders and Silicon Valley insiders in July, Houston is debuting new features he says will transform Dropbox into the mobile eras answer to the hard drive. In theory its an epic shift that would put Dropbox at the center of everyones digital life, turning it into a powerhouse on the level of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple. So theres reason to believe it can pull off its plan to become what the company calls the pervasive data layer. In this vision, Dropbox acts as a kind of virtual infrastructure that lets you access all your digital stuff whenever, wherevervia tablet or PC, iOS or Android. That focus was put to an early test in 2009, the year after Dropbox launched, when Houston and his Dropbox cofounder, Arash Ferdowsi, received the Silicon Valley equivalent of a royal summons: Steve Jobs wanted to meet. After a few hours with Houston, Ferdowsi decided to bail on Facebook and go with Dropbox, where he now serves as chief technology officer. Van Rossums decision to leave Google for Dropbox late last year put the tech world on notice about the caliber of talent putting its faith in the young companys potential for success. (Well, 200 million someones, anyway.) At the same time, he says, he was drawn by the prospect of fending off challenges from much larger competitorssuch as his former employerby helping Dropbox grow as quickly as possible: The urgency was very compelling.

Postmortem of a Venture-backed Startup Medium -- For those unfamiliar, Sonar Media Inc. Downloaded by millions of people all over the world, Sonar was promoted by Apple and Google in 100+ countries, won numerous awards such as runner-up at TechCrunch Disrupt and Ad:Tech Best Mobile Startup, raised nearly $2,000,000 from prominent angels and VCs, and was featured on more than 300 publications including the New York Times, CNN, CNBC, TechCrunch, and TIME. Below I do my best to share a few of our lessons learned. Media and social networking companies should double down on analytics to find, observe, and build for actual user behavior. People didnt like the bland @Sonar text string so they stopped sharing updates from Sonar.

3D File Diffs GitHub -- By default, we select "Highlight", a mode that highlights the removed parts in red and the added parts in green, leaving what is unchanged as a wireframe. We take both versions of the model, and using binary space partitioning , we compute the added, removed, and unchanged parts.

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