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Four short links: 17 September 2013

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Thats The Dumbest Thing Ive Ever Heard Of. | TechCrunch -- When Twitter broke the news last week about its forthcoming IPO, I got a bit sentimental . In 2006, when Twitter was entering the world as a side project of the podcasting startup Odeo , I had just left my first career in the film industry to try to make it in the tech industry. While I recall reading about Twitter in 2006 with most everyone wondering if the service was interesting it wasnt until January of 2007 when I actually signed up. (I particularly liked the one from 2/20/07 when it was announced that the team was entertaining offers to sell Odeo while gearing up to head to SXSW perhaps the first real watershed moment for the company.)

Zeitgeist Minds - YouTube -- Private videos will be skipped if viewers don't have access, but playlist notes are publicly visible.

The Full Story: From Dot-Bomb Failure to Building (and Selling) Reddit (Plus: AM ... -- I breathlessly shared the story of Greenpeaces dogged efforts to raise online awareness of their effort to stop Japanese humpback whaling expeditions. Before the social web, we had little idea of what people actually thought about usnow we know, and when like-minded people band together, they wield a really big stick. Its a little bit insane, but then I remember that Im still getting paid less than Snooki 1 , which makes me really question things. Once youve been onstage enough times and make sure youre always well rehearsed and armed with the feeling that you really know what youre talking about, it then becomes all about polish. And when I learned that Louis C.K. easily one of the best comics of our generation trashes all his material every year and starts anew , I knew I needed to keep from getting lazy and recycling entire talks. Shed try to get through them the best she could, but I knew it was going to be hard for her to go on vacation. I dont remember what I was doing at the time, but my phone started buzzing again in the late afternoon. There was hardly any time left, and we were still losing. Even the Cowboys mascot was taunting us with a dramatic look at his wrist to remind us that there wasnt enough time left for our touchdown to matter. As much as I wish I could affect the outcome of sporting events from my seat, theres nothing I can do but cheer at the right times. They briskly marched down the field, nearing field-goal range as the time kept ticking down. Even after that night I didnt, because I knew back in Maryland my mother and father were dealing with a very different kind of morning. I knew Id lived a rather stress-free life until that point, and I knew that that would have to change. Were living in a time of unprecedented opportunity across the globe that happens to coincide with a time of tremendous misfortune. But in the meantime

dotCMS: Page not found (404 error) -- NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) Kenya is making great strides in tackling HIV/AIDS , with a fall in the HIV positive population and a surge in the number of people getting tested and receiving treatment, according to a government survey released on Tuesday. Theyd be going to the remotest testing locations because nobody wanted to be seen entering those VCT (voluntary counselling and testing) locations.

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