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Four short links: 16 September 2013

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Small, Stackable And Cheap, Microduino Puts Arduino In Your Pocket | TechCrunc ... -- Microduino Studio wants to make Arduino more accessible by creating a smaller, flexible and cheaper hardware addition to the prototyping platform. All Microduino boards adapt uniformed U-shape 27-pin standard interface (UPin-27), Microduino series can be easily stacked together through UPin-27, it is delivered ready to plug in. Microduino board size is as small as a quarter (25.40mm X 27.94mm / 1.0inch X 1.1inch), with tiny shape, Microduino series dramatically decreases the size and cost of design prototype, remarkable...

Pakistani Activists Smell A Mole In Governments Proposed YouTube Filtering Plan ... -- After ignoring repeated requests to appear in a court case challenging the Pakistan governments year-long YouTube blackout , the countrys elusive IT minister is expected to appear at a hearing later this month to outline plans to drop the blanket ban and instead selectively restrict blasphemous and offensive material on the video-sharing site. The South Asian nation is the latest censorship state in a long line of developing nations, such as China and Russia (the latter used a firewall designed to block content depicting child exploitation, drugs and suicide to prevent access to seemingly harmless YouTube content ). If they cannot unblock YouTube in coming weeks, the court will order the unbanning itself.

Netflix Uses Pirate Sites to Determine What Shows to Buy | TorrentFreak -- This week Netflix rolled out its service in the Netherlands and the companys Vice President of Content Acquisition, Kelly Merryman, says that their offering is partly based on what shows do well on BitTorrent networks and other pirate sites. However, this is not exclusively a bad thing, as it also creates demand for the content Netflix is offering. Netflix has to make deals with content owners in order to be allowed to stream their content. Not only that, some content owners have already licensed out the content to others in certain countries with exclusivity, leaving Netflix to negotiate with hundreds upon hundreds of different people in hundreds of different countries to get access to even a small library in other countries. Basically what i wish for, is to get rid of the licensing laws by allowing streaming services like netflix to liberate the dinosaur markets.. if you make Netflix Available in my country i will stop downloading my movies and tv shows! Netflix would be great if my countries library wasnt gutted for the sake of greedy studios pushing their obsolete DVDs

LinkedIns Market Cap Passes Salesforce, Long The Bellwether Symbol Of Cloud Serv ... -- Linkedin ended trading on Friday with a $32.56 billion market cap while the Salesforce market cap was $29.59 billion. Salesforce is a darling of Wall Street and has long been the symbol of the SaaS and new world of the enterprise, the first to surpass $1 billion in annual revenues. The company differentiates and competes with SaaS platforms and enterprise providers by developing a network effect that gives the company entre into enterprise markets. The company is a model for how to build core practices that are built on open-source data technologies, such as Hadoop and Lucene/Solr for search that it is using to become an enterprise services provider and a player in the CRM market. Salesforce has been a pioneer in developing enterprise platforms through its innovative AppExchange directory of on-demand applications, and its Platform as a Service (PaaS) API for extending Salesforce.

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