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Four short links: 16 May 2013

Gmail inbox, Google Search results, Northern White Rhinos, wing airplanes

Google Wallet -- This means you can securely send money to friends and family in the U.S. - without leaving your Gmail inbox.

Schemas in Gmail Google Developers -- Increase user engagement with interactions in emails, Google Search, and Google Now, by adding markup to emails.

Airware Raises $10.7M From Andreessen Horowitz To Build Brains For Unmanned Dron ... -- To be clear, Airware doesnt make drones they make the brains for drones. If you were to order something from Airware, youd get a logic board (which handles things like auto-pilot, wireless communication, etc.) and all of the actuators and sensors youd probably want to put in a drone. Theyre probably pretty good to go on their own.)

Airware: An operating system for drones - Chris Dixon -- Im excited to announce that Andreessen Horowitz, along with Google Ventures, is investing $10.7M in Airware , a startup that makes operating systems for flying robots, popularly known as drones. But as component prices drop and software becomes more sophisticated, drones are starting to be used in non-military applications. Other companies make the actual drone body (the airframe), which can come in many forms such as helicopters, quadcopters, and fixed-wing airplanes. He then built drones at Boeing, but left when he realized he could make low-cost drones on his own. Why should I not be able to use the not-at-all-small set of software I can work withalready to build drone control applications?

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