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Four short links: 15 August 2013

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57 startup lessons -- Product sense is everything. If people love your product, the tiniest announcements will get attention. If people dont love your product, no amount of marketing effort will help. If possible, have the YouTube effect (your users can frequently send people a link to something interesting on your platform), and Facebook effect (if your users are on the product, their friends will need to get on the product too). Getting attention from people who wont buy your product is a waste of time and money. For example, your competitors cant say their product is slow, so saying yours is fast is sloppy marketing. It wont help sell the product and will destroy good will. Selling a product no one wants is an unpleasant game of numbers. If possible, build the product in a way where customers reach out to you and ask to pay. The simpler the product, the more likely you are to actually ship it, and the more likely you are to fix problems quickly.

The anatomy of the perfect technical interview from a former Amazon VP -- For example, Roseman often asks candidates to palindrome the words in a string, then digs a little deeper by asking them to imagine theyre on a limited memory machine and they have to do this in place. Then I also want to get to the soft skills, company values and culture fit. This is also the part of the interview where Roseman asks his pre-engineered questions based on the resume review that were not covered in the technical portion of the interview. Many interviewers ask candidates for their strengths and weaknesses, but Roseman puts a different spin on it. They wont just say their worst feature is working too hard. Once a candidate shares their three adjectives, Roseman follows up and asks for examples so if someone says, creative, his standard follow up will be what are some examples of when you were creative.

Braintree Takes On Stripe, PayPal With Debut Of Marketplace | TechCrunch -- Payments gateway Braintree is launching a new service today called Marketplace , an API designed for mobile you guessed it marketplace operators. Braintree Marketplace handles the end-to-end flow of the money being moved. Collecting checking account information is now just a mobile number, escrow is handled by Braintree, and funds are delivered faster than PayPal and others that can take 3 to 7 days, notes Ready. Braintrees global payment platform processes more than $10 billion annually (with more than $2 billion on mobile) for thousands of online and mobile commerce innovators including Airbnb, Fab, LivingSocial, OpenTable and Uber.

harthur/firefox-client GitHub -- Open the Firefox command line with Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar. Once you have a Tab, you can call methods and listen to events from the tab's modules, Console or Network.

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