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Four short links: 14 October 2013

matter of fact, In addition, South Korea, Health and Human Services

Thinks: Because I am dumb -- What I found, however, was that they rated themselves very low in all areas of self and project management.When I asked one why it was she rated herself so low, she answered very matter of fact:"Because I am dumb"Amazing the effect 8 years of narrow testing has on our kids ...

Cathy Reisenwitz: Why a Free Society Needs a Free Money Bitcoin Magazine -- It may seem weird to begin a talk at a Bitcoin conference with a review of the scientific method. Then many of you read up on the problem you wanted to solve in order to decide whether and how to use Bitcoin to try to answer these questions. Instead of armed robbery, he made sure the Bitcoins werent released until the goods arrived. Why would anyone attempt to kneecap thousands of unpaid, volunteer experimenters, who are constantly sharing with the world what were learning about how money works? Please, join me in the fight to keep Bitcoin free and legal.

LG May Fire Back At Samsung With Its Own Curvy Smartphone Next Month | TechCru ... -- The LG Group is South Koreas third largest conglomerate that produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics, LG Telecom, Zenith Electronics and LG Chem in over 80 countries.

USA TODAY Special Report The Smokestack Effect Clarendon Elementary School Por ... -- * Chemicals most responsible for the toxicity outside this school may not add up to 100% because only the top chemicals are listed.

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