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Four short links: 14 July 2013

core body temperature, Dale Emmons, optional note, American Dialect Society

Are testicles external for cooling, galloping, display, or something else? - Sl ... -- If mammals became warm-blooded 220 million or so years ago, it would mean mammals carried their gonads internally for more than 100 million years before the scrotum made its bow. If numerous mammals lack a scrotum, there is nothing fundamentally incompatible with making sperm at high temperatures. (Sperm are impotent on exiting the testes and need a few final modifications while in the epididymis.) Bedford has noted that some animals with abdominal testes have extended their epididymis to just below the skin, and that some furry scrotums have a bald patch for heat loss directly above this storage tube. Scott Freeman of the University of Washington hypothesized that the scrotum's poor blood supply keeps the testicles in an oxygen-starved environment and so toughens up the sperm.

The Awesomeness of Battlestar Galactica - Feld Thoughts -- I was totally fried and fighting off a cold yesterday so I decided to spend my digital sabbath on the couch watching Season 1 of Battlestar Galactica . I took a short break at lunch time to try to induce a diabetic coma while gorging on pancakes at Snooze (which necessitated me skipping dinner and going to bed at 7pm, which resulted in me being wide awake at 11pm, hence the blog post at 200am on Sunday morning.)

RA DIGGS THEY DON'T CARE FT MICHAEL JACKSON.wmv - YouTube -- Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to like ABM2010yo's video.

Wrap rage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- A survey in Yours, a magazine aimed at people over 50, found that 99% of the 2,000 respondents said packaging had become harder to open over the last 10 years, 97% said there was "too much excess packaging", and 60% said they had bought a product designed with more easily-opened packaging. Forces driving the efforts to improve packaging include pressure from consumers and retailers and from senior citizens who find it increasingly difficult to open packaging as they age.

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