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Four short links: 13 September 2013

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Former Pixar, Disney Technology & Operations Head, Greg Brandeau, Joins Maker Me ... -- "Maker Media is at an exciting juncture in its young life, rife with opportunity to extend and expand our popular brands beyond our current, engaged and devoted community," said Dale Dougherty, CEO and founder of Maker Media, which publishes MAKE magazine and produces Maker Faire, as well as operates thriving e-commerce business, Maker Shed.

The Freedom - Responsibility trade-off for Entrepreneurs - Jacques Mattheij -- This was the first time I realised that my desire for freedom had led me straight back to having less freedom than I had when I started this whole saga! The only other time that you have freedom is when youre entirely alone and working in some life-style (I hate that term) business. A one-person company that does not aim for the stars, makes you enough in a few months to live for a few years is probably the best to aim for if you really desire freedom, if that freedom means to be able to do whatever it is that you want to do with your remaining time.

Parkroulette -- When you ask Parkroulette for the chance of a ticket at a particular address, Parkroulette queries a GIS database to get the sum of patrols that passed within the given radius of the address, grouped by day and hour.

Y Combinator Funding Application -- Most small teams have a few basic needs: (1) team members need their important stuff in front of them wherever they are, (2) everyone needs to be working on the latest version of a given document (and ideally can track what's changed), (3) and team data needs to be protected from disaster.

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