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Four short links: 13 October 2013

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New LAX car rental company offers only Audi A4s — and no clerks -- A new car rental service at Los Angeles International Airport will allow customers to pick up an Audi A4 without ever having to interact with a clerk.The company is called Silvercar, and it aims to fill a niche in the car rental market, according to chief executive Luke Schneider. That price generally fluctuates based on demand.But the trio of companies controlling the airport car rental market Hertz Corp., Avis Budget Group and Enterprise Holdings dont generally allow customers to lock in a particular car rental type in advance.

Ask A VC: Redpoints Ryan Sarver On Why He Joined Venture Capital And More | Te ... -- In this weeks Ask A VC, we hosted Redpoint Ventures newest partner Ryan Sarver in the studio to talk about his jump to the VC world from Twitter and more.

Reginald Braithwaite's Photos | Facebook -- CancelSaving your new profile pictureGoogle have a new policy: They can and will use your photo to endorse products in advertising.

The Cloudera Model | LinkedIn -- Open source software was firmly entrenched at Berkeley (the BSD License, which we used for Postgres, was drafted in the early 1980s and for a long time was the major alternative to the free software movement's GPL license), but no one at the time knew how to make money with open source software. The Postgres open source project, now called PostgreSQL, continues to thrive, but approximately no one makes money from it.In 1998, I joined Sleepycat, makers of the embedded open source database Berkeley DB. others gave away source code for old versions but charged for the closed-source newest release.The list of successful stand-alone open source vendors that emerged over that period is easy to write, because the only company on it is Red Hat. Red Hat, the apparent exception, isn't: The company rode its closed-source Red Hat Network offering to dominance, effectively crushing the competition before releasing that hosted infrastructure as open source in 2008.Separately, but simultaneously, there's been a stunning and irreversible trend in enterprise infrastructure. today, open source alternatives like KVM, Xen, CloudStack and Eucalyptus have forced VMware to give server virtualization away for free, and to find its revenues elsewhere.So here is the conundrum facing enterprise infrastructure software companies: You can no longer win with a closed-source platform, and you can't build a successful stand-alone company purely on open source.At Cloudera, we are committed to open source software, and we intend to build a successful stand-alone company.

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