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Four short links: 13 August 2013

iPhone 5, Teen Choice Award, OpenStep APIs, traditional Chinese medicine

Android is better -- I set out to write an article about how I feel Android provides unique affordances that create a unique cohesive mobile experience (more on that below) rather than talking openness, features and apps. However, the more time I spent living with Android it became obvious that being able to do anything and suit a variety of needs is a pillar of the Android experience. Android 4.3 brings needed notification APIs (current lock screen solutions hackily register as an accessibility service). You don't need an app for that, it's built into Android. I can do whatever I want in Android, including disabling default apps I don't use like Google Play Magazines. I won't talk about battery life much since you can find anyone that either has great or horrible battery life on any device, but I've been able to squeeze more life out of my Android devices. App developers, make sure you create xxhdpi 3x assets :)

Watch Ashton Kutcher Blow Kids Minds With Steve Jobs Quotes In Smart Is Sexy Spe ... -- Whether hes trying or not, and whether you want to believe it or not, Ashton Kutcher is making a bid to be the voice of our generation. Feel free to directly email us at

GNUstep Project by Gregory Casamento Kickstarter -- The goal of this Kickstarter project is to make GNUstep work seamlessly with all of the platforms it currently runs on and to complete the necessary work to make it fully compatible with, at least, the version of the Cocoa APIs available on 10.6.

Theres Only One Kind of Medicine Editor's Picks Medium -- Why is there this tendency to defend and excuse (if not outright praise) traditional and alternative medicine? It is, in fact, these very apparent shortcomings of medicine in the Western world that likely drives people to embrace alternative medicine. There are ways that work for building insulated houses and there are ways that dont work, and just the same, there are ways that work for healing bodies and ways that dont work. In 2008, the World Health Organization approximated that in some Asian and African countries 80% of the population depend on traditional medicine for primary health care.

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