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Four short links: 12 October 2013

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ICANN, W3C Call For End Of US Internet Ascendancy Following NSA Revelations | ... -- Key Internet stakeholders, including the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have released a statement condemning pervasive government surveillance and calling for an internationalization of the Internets underlying framework. If we as a nation hadnt decided that everyones Internet was our own plaything to abuse, the Internet could have kept its center of gravity here, with our First Amendment and burgeoning Internet industry. Following calls for greater UN control of the Internet, he explained the situation in the following way last year during the episode:

How To Opt Out Of Googles Weird New Ads That Use Your Face And Name | TechCrun ... -- Angry that Google is planning on using your face and name for the sake of advertisements? I promise thats a link to actual Google, not fake Google that steals your password and uses it to order handbags.)

Because it needs to be said | Hello, this is Justine -- Handcrafted and letterpressed at a former internship I had where I was able to get a good deal, I was in charge of making sure these books made it before the precompiler registration began on Monday. I saw Joe at a bar with some other people and quickly went and said Hi. Joe has a corporate credit card and is likely to buy most people he knows a drink. We all had some wine and some other people at the table, including Joe ordered additional drinks. Ive never done one in my life but at the insistence of many people, attendees and bartenders I decided to lay on the bar. That alone made me uncomfortable and here is where Im going to start getting vague because the rest is just too painful to detail out. I still had to present my talk on Thursday but everyone did a really good job of making sure I was drunk enough to not have to deal with what was going on. The company who had acquired us had made a decision he needed to leave but allowed him to publicly say he left of his own volition. Ill always worry about what I wear to conferences now, if my ripped up metal tee is too suggestive for the male audience, if my red lipstick is too much, if the jokes everyone else is making are too risqu for me to make. A lot of people have asked me for how to make things like this never happen again. Dont touch people unless youre invited to. I understand at conferences, people start drinking heavily and things can be misunderstood but its no different than at a bar scene. If a girl doesnt want you to touch her, dont touch her. But if this is such a common problem in the tech community, when every 2 months someone is sexually assaulted, maybe these drink ups need to be a little less frequent or the tabs need to be a little less high. Im sure there are some people who hook up and conferences consensually but just go over and make sure thats whats really going on. That it wasnt simply enough to finally, after 10 months have the courage to say Joe OBrien sexually assaulted me. I only hope this provides the information people were hoping to get and if you made it all the way throughout his post, enlightened you to the repercussions you maybe didnt realize happen months afterwards. Considering the fact that her description of events parallels NUMEROUS tales from female friends of mine, Im going to guess that when shits going down, it can be really difficult to meet the standards youre setting for how she shouldve reacted. HE went too farshe has no control over his actions and so this wasnt her fault. Shes not responsible for him failing to get consent from her, regardless of whatever signals you feel she was sending. The point is that she told him to stop, and he ignored her. He decided that his desire was more important than her consent. Many people who are raped and/or assaulted freeze completely and are unable to move or speak. There actually are some great conferences here with strict anti harassment policies (JSConf EU run by the amazing Jan Lenhardt for example) and there should be many more. So: may your life go upwards from here and may you regain your courage.

The Anglosphere miracle -- Continental Europe has given us plenty of nice paintings and agreeable symphonies, French wine and Italian actresses and whatnot, but, for all our fetishization of multiculturalism, you cant help noticing that when it comes to the notion of a political Westone with a sustained commitment to liberty and democracythe historical record looks a lot more unicultural and, indeed (given that most of these liberal democracies other than America share the same head of state), uniregal. A wave of European states embraced Western values after 1945, and another wave after 1989. Such was the power of the industrial revolutionwhich was, before anything, a revolution in textilesthat, during the twentieth century, the English-speaking peoples clothed the world in their imageand, in doing so, forgot that the global costume was really theirs. Once people are in a position to set the rules, they tend to rig those rules in their own favor. The rule of law created security of property and contract which, in turn, led to industrialization and modern capitalism. But meaningful political freedomfreedom under the rule of law in a representative democracyremains an unusual phenomenon. These include individualism, the rule of law, honoring contracts and covenants, and the elevation of freedom to the first rank of political and cultural values. Nations comprising the Anglosphere share a common historical narrative in which the Magna Carta, the English and American Bills of Rights, and such Common Law principles as trial by jury, presumption of innocence, and a mans home is his castle are taken for granted. All definitions include five core countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. British and American historians pointed to a series of events which had brought their ancestors ineluctably toward modernity and greatness: the establishment of the common law, Magna Carta, the Grand Remonstrance, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution, the scientific revolution, the abolition of slavery. It is even possible to discern, as they did, two enduring factions within the English-speaking peoples, one committed to the values which underpinned that exceptionalism, and one hankering after the more statist models favored in the rest of the world. no one, not even the head of state, should be above the law; In the United States, especially under the present administration, Anglosphere identity is seen as a colonial hangover, the patrimony of dead white European males. Power is shifting from local, provincial, or state level to national capitals, and from elected representatives to standing bureaucracies. State spending has grown to a level which earlier Anglosphere populations would have regarded as a cause for popular revolt.

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