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Four short links: 12 May 2013

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Email, Still A Sonofabitch | TechCrunch -- What I ended up coming to was a system where I would be checking email constantly throughout a day, responding to what I could quickly from my phone, archiving anything that didnt need a response, and keeping the rest in my inbox until late at night, when the incoming volume would drop to near zero. That company, Orchestra , was planning to take what they had learned from their to-do list app and make a new kind of email client. My system of responding to emails at night or on the weekend is largely the same, I simply no longer have to watch those emails build up until I am ready to take action. That would likely require everyone using the same email service (unless this somehow became a new standard that every email service provider adopted not gonna happen). But perhaps a fall-back system could be put in place to deliver these quick messages in email form if the recipient isnt using the correct email service (giving them an incentive to sign up).

500 Startups Launches Founders Podcast Series -- According to 500 Startups Mark Saldaa, the series will give founders a place to share their biggest challenges, interesting anecdotes and advice for fellow entrepreneurs. I suspect that just as Hacker News is must-read material for Y Combinator folks, the Startup Founders Podcast will be standard issue for the 500 Startups family.

Hyperbole and a Half: Depression Part Two -- Depression is awful, and I'm so sorry you've gone through all this. Best wishes, and I'm so glad you're back. Best of luck to you, thank you, and welcome back - I missedd you! This will help so many's definitely helped me feel like I'm not alone! This is a wonderful way to explain to me how I should not act around people who feel this way, and that support is not what people might expect. :) You're a wonderful person and I know this post is going to help so many people, just as much as I'm sure it helped you! I'm glad you're back and I'm glad you're alive (even if there's days when you're sort of not glad you're alive). Even as someone who's suffered/ing through depression, you can't understand what someone else with depression feels like, because everyone's different. I never thought I'd feel better again and I haven't felt this good in years. It makes me feel like I'm not alone in feeling like a piece of shit. It is hard to feel that way for a short bouts of time, so I can't imagine how difficult/bullshit it feels to be that way for an extended period. best of wishes with your continued journey and thank you for illustrating this is a way that other people might understand. I'm glad (an emotion!) you made the decision not to kill yourself--the world is a better place with your humor and perceptiveness.

Beyond Unlocking: Don't Let Them Kill the First Reasonable Copyright Reform Bill ... -- A funny thing happened on the way to Congress yesterday. A tweak that allows consumers to modify the software on their devices and move cell phones to different carriers, unlocking is a common resort for international travelers (including military servicemen) who unlock devices to avoid exorbitant roaming fees while abroad. All of them have been lackluster, since not one made any meaningful reforms to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) a massive copyright protection law passed in 1998 whose provisions made cellphone unlocking illegal in the first place. The bill states that unlocking is only allowed if the purpose of the circumvention is to use a work in a manner that is not an infringement of copyright.

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