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Four short links: 12 July 2013

Customer Relationship Management, new programming language, Former federal prosecutor, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

How Startups Overcome the Capital Gap - Sramana Mitra - Harvard Business Review -- Imagine you're a first-time entrepreneur with an unvalidated business idea and no track record of making money for investors. Those don't fit the VC model, but if you build a $15 million-a-year business that generates 30% profit year-over-year, what's wrong with that picture? Sridhar had a small network management tools business that basically functioned as a highly profitable cash cow. He offered the product to small businesses, and customers lapped it up. He grew the business organically, with revenue and profits, not outside capital. But later, as the business finds its stride, generates profits, it can offer the opportunity and cash for pursuing a bigger idea. When business model, customer demand, and the entrepreneur's own execution capability is unproven.

Philosophy and "for" loops more from Go and Rust [] -- func lines (file *file) (chan string) { ch := make(chan string) go func () { for { line, ok := file.readLine() if !ok { break } ch <- line } close(ch) }() return ch } ... c := lines(file) defer close(c) for line := range c { ... Given the vibrant community that has been built up around Go, and the strong emphasis on performance shown in the recent release of Go 1.1 , it seems likely that Go does live up to this requirement

For first time ever, feds asked to sit out Defcon hacker conference | Ars Techni ... -- Call for a "time out" underscores tensions over breadth of NSA spy program. As tensions mount over the broad and indiscriminate spying of Americans and foreigners by the National Security Agency, DefCon organizers are asking feds to sit out this year's hacker conference. And last year, National Security Agency Director Keith Alexander gave the DefCon keynote address, marking the highest-level DefCon appearance by a US government official.

BuzzFeed removes story that parodies the sites lists | Poynter. -- In an exchange on Twitter, BuzzFeed Community Editor Cates Holderness told Veix the piece was mean-spirited .

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