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Four short links: 11 September 2013

Marc Benioff, iPhone 5, private circuits, Facebook friends

The Final 6 Disrupt SF Startups: Cota, Dryft, Fates Forever, Layer, Regalii And ... -- Over the past few days, 3200 people have walked through the concourse to watch Valley titans and newcomers hash it out with the TechCrunch team including Marc Benioffs moving story today about Steve Jobs role in the founding of Salesforce .

Forget Cheap, The iPhone 5c Is Clearly The iPhone Jony Ive Wanted For iOS 7 | ... -- In other words, I view the iPhone 5c as the iPhone 5 that Ive would have built had he been in charge of iOS design at the time of its creation. The fact that Apple is no longer selling that device but still selling the iPhone 4S (yes, the S versus s is perplexing to everyone) is telling. At the same time, it eliminates the confusion that would have been caused by the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5 looking nearly identical to one another ( subtle gold, notwithstanding ).

AutoDesk Releases An Electronics Simulator Called 123D Circuits | TechCrunch -- Hardware hacking often seems like black magic to the uninitiated, which is why 123D Circuits is so cool: it allows you to learn electronics using a virtual Arduino board and breadboard without blowing up capacitors or burning yourself with solder on your work table. The lower price point gets you 5% off PCB orders and unlimited public circuits (as well as 5 private circuits.) Twenty-five dollars per month gets you unlimited private circuits.

To my daughter's high school programming teacher | USENIX -- in a high school class you certainly can put a stop to it. That may be hapening for Part of the class, but in most classes, especially Tech classes, there is a lot of "It's not working, can you come look at this?". The way you wrote this letter enables the argument to quickly become about You and the Teacher, not about being bullied in class. I think that your daughter should give programming another shot, but this time at a Community college or university level. My daughter eventually became a CS major after a bad HS experience, but it wasn't until late in her Junior year she took another programming course and fell in love with it. If she enjoyed the programming class outside of childish boys, I highly recommend her keeping up with programming. First I want to say I can't believe this happened to you or your daughter but I believe I heard you tell most of the story about your daughter before at a convention and I was shocked but didn't know about your ordeal. I was in a Pascal programming class in a culturally diverse high school and was the only black kid in the room. The same in college in a programming class in a very diverse college and was brushed off by a student that told me I wouldn't understand what they were doing because it was a programming class they were in. Soon a class with no women will be like a town without a McDonalds. For example, your point #2 above, while important remediation for young males, seems like it would be really challenging for a young woman to hear and still choose to finish the class, unless done extremely deftly. I would imagine that the students that were making all the trouble were those that struggled and only took the class because someone told them it was good for them.

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