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Four short links: 11 May 2013

gay and lesbian couples, mass consumer market, voice recognition technology, steep learning curve

Bloomberg News caught spying on bankers through terminals - -- The ability to snoop on Bloomberg terminal users came to light recently when Goldman officials learned that at least one reporter at the news service had access to a wide array of information about customer usage, sources said.

Google Glass Will Fail. But Passive Interfaces Wont. | Cap Watkins -- Since Google Glass was announced, the debate on the Internet has revolved around whether it will succeed or fail to reach the mass consumer market. On the one hand, yeah, there's no way I'd wear Google Glass in public (nor want Google collecting what I see). I care about Google Glass as the beginning of a movement toward passive interactions and interfaces. I care about Google Glass for its underlying, fundamental statement that data streams should be just that. Passive interfaces will help us, with a glance instead of a gaze, decide what needs our full attention and what does not (side note: Google Glance would have been a much better name, I think).

Video Discovery Startup Boxfish Launches Android App, Opens Up API For Third-Par ... -- Video discovery startup Boxfish wants to help people find out whats new and trending on TV, by scouring broadcast and cable networks to find out what people are talking about. So its making its real-time TV API available to some partners and allowing them to use it in their own apps. That includes big consumer electronics manufacturers which may seek to provide a real-time data or trending layer on top of their existing TV guides.

VIM Adventures -- This window can be closed using ESC (as any other window in this game) and the example can be executed using the '\' key (which is the only key in VIM which isn't used). For further information and inquiries please contact me at

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