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Four short links: 11 August 2013

discrete logarithm problem, Mr Miyagi, Esther Dyson, Edward Snowden

The Factoring Cryptopocalypse -- As interesting as the work is, mathematically, it should not be a great surprise to cryptographers: We've known for over a decade that small-characteristic fields are "scary", and in 2005 when the NSA announced their "Suite B" cryptography using Elliptic curves, nobody was surprised to see that they selected ECC over prime fields instead. The discrete logarithm problem over prime fields is very closely related to the problem of integer factorization there's a long history of improvements in one translating directly to improvements in the other.

Customer Discovery Hacks: Youve Been Miyagi'ed -- The following is the first in a series of posts about using customer discovery in your company. Over the past 9 months, Ive had the opportunity to teach customer discovery nearly a dozen times to hundreds of students, Ive had the opportunity to work with Steve Blank and Bob Dorf directly on building a customer discovery course/curriculum for Startup Weekend, and Ive been using customer discovery in my current startup process. Again, treat it similar in the process you use to effectively sell (listening, tracking, engaging, asking, etc.) But if youre onto something (and the customer interviews identify that they want to buy), then the initial discovery process (whether in sales or customer discovery) can quickly turn into a sale.

Close A Round With New Inbound Tools And Techniques On AngelList | TechCrunch -- Our new inbound approach applied new marketing technology to crowdfunding sites to generate broad investor demand, track investor engagement, and transform the traditional and inefficient outbound fundraising process to an efficient inbound raise. We ran a campaign to generate inbound demand, hacked technology together for total investor awareness, and used a sales funnel to move from commitment to closing $500,000 from individual investors. Tactically, this meant:

Lavabit's Ladar Levison: 'If You Knew What I Know About Email, You Might Not Use ... -- Ladar Levison, 32, has spent ten years building encrypted email service Lavabit, attracting over 410,000 users. On Thursday, though, Levison pulled the plug on his company, posting a cryptic message about a government investigation that would force him to become complicit in crimes against the American people were he to stay in business. There are legal restrictions which prevent Levison from being more specific about a protest of government methods that has forced him to shutter his company, an unprecedented move. The fact that I cant talk about this is as big a problem as what they asked me to do.

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