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Four short links: 10 September 2013

NSA headquarters, Facebook friends, Bell System Technical Journal, betas

Crypto prof asked to remove NSA-related blog post | Ars Technica -- I was totally unprepared for today's bombshell revelations describing the NSA's efforts to defeat encryption. For that reason, we asked Professor Green to remove the Johns Hopkins-hosted mirror site for his blog. What was the point of the request given that Green had also published the post to a mirror hosted at Blogger? All I know is that I received an e-mail this morning from the Interim Dean of the Engineering school asking me to take down the post and to desist from using the NSA logo.

To my daughter's high school programming teacher | USENIX -- I'm not writing to complain about your choice of programming languages (Visual Basic? My daughter said that you noticed and apologized to her because she was the only girl in class. While I was attending SC '12 in Salt Lake City last November, my daughter emailed to tell me that the boys in her class were harassing her. Finally, my daughter decided to plow through, finish the class, and avoid all her classmates. My daughter said she wouldn't have known about the programming class, otherwise. Have you spoken to other classes, clubs, or fellow teachers to tell them about why programming is exciting and how programming fits into our daily lives? On the first day of class, talk about the low numbers of women and lack of diversity in IT, why this is a problem , and how students can help increase diversity in programming. I don't know what you were doing during class, but you weren't paying attention, otherwise you would have noticed that my daughter was isolated and being harassed. Had you talked to my daughter's counselor, for example, you would have known how class was going. The counselor worked closely with my daughter to help her graduate early, and she would have had no problem getting an honest answer about my daughter's unpleasant experience in your brogramming class. Had I told you how class was going for my daughter, her situation would not have improved, and might have gotten even worse.

The 17 Designs That Bell Almost Used for the Layout of Telephone Buttons - Megan ... -- "They did compare the telephone layout and the calculator layout," Wiseman says, "and they found the calculator layout was slower."

Stripe: Global -- Sign up here and well let you know when were available in your country. One thing we're working on for these countries is better USD acceptance.

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