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Four short links: 10 October 2013

Silicon Valley, United States, mailing list

All Is Fair in Love and Twitter - -- (At which point, he secretly considered joining his biggest competitor.) But, as luck would have it, Dorsey was able to weave a story about Twitter that was so convincing that he could put himself back in power just as it was ready to become a mature company. Le grand orange

Pinay traumatized by horror trip to US | ABS-CBN News -- She said the immigration officer looked at her passport and saw Grande had visited the US many times in the past. He scattered all the items in my purse on the table, asking why they should believe me, when my aunt, according to him, seems to be the honest one," Grande said. I said, 'I am telling the truth, and that they can put me in jail because I will never ever admit doing the things I am wrongly being accused of.'"

script[defer] doesn't work in IE<=9 Issue #42 h5bp/lazyweb-requests GitHub -- There is a bug in IE=9 (confirmed, below, by an IE engineer) where if you have two scripts such as... Dont email me -- And the third person who didnt even realize he was interested in that topic will find out and read it as well (either now when the mail gets sent out or even years later when that user find the archived mailing list on the web). Right now, posting a pull request will only send that to the few persons who are listed as collaborators for that repository which may reach more than a single person so it still better than to a private person but on the mailing list there may be THOUSANDS of people that can read and comment and provide feedback on patches and issues. Yes, you can say that subscribing to an email list can be daunting and flood you with hundreds or thousands of emails per month thats completely true. When you want to handle a SINGLE issue, it is much better load balancing if you do the extra work and the people who do tens or HUNDREDS of issues per month in the project do less work per issue. Yes I can, but then I need to first ask for permission to do so (or be a jerk) and if the person who sent me the mail is going to send me another mail anyway, (s)he can just as well spend that time to send the first mail to the list instead of say YES to me and then make me do his or hers work.

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