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Four short links: 10 November 2013

Jane Jacobs, Take On

Why Cities Are Our Most Important Innovation Platform - Forbes -- One of Jacobss chief insights was that import replacement was necessary to diversify goods flowing into the city and is therefore a precursor to new types of work and exports. In effect, learning to do old things in new ways forges the path to doing completely new things we never thought of before.

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To Save Itself, The DSLR Market Should Look To Smartphones And Revalue Each Pres ... -- Theres mounting evidence that the tendency to favour smartphones over standalone cameras isnt just tanking compact camera sales its affecting DSLR and interchangeable lens cameras, too. ... -- x=koGr?Gn :B,qY%Z%-tUzfGrU=|i{z\^_mW~{t^emwo~n_QjvlUu~U3}nw~~UWJ+*v2OWUqsTao?\=rsp}Xwg/{"}y\~y

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