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Four short links: 10 August 2013

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Bitcoin Ticker Available On Bloomberg Terminal For Employees | TechCrunch -- Bitcoin is now officially mainstream. Its hard to predict price changes due to the lack of tools and the relatively low number of Bitcoin traders compared to currency traders. One of the most efficient tickers is Bitcoinity , but Bloomberg terminals could become the de facto standard for traders. Gox had to state that it provides money services in order to continue to operate in the U.S.

The Lytics Facebook-Style Timeline For Customer Intelligence Helps Land $2.2M In ... -- Marketers in many organizations have developed an ecosystem of SaaS vendors for email marketing, marketing automation, CRM and a host of other uses. Its this ongoing narrative of customer data that provides marketers an alternative to the laborious process of extracting and analyzing data on their own.

Aral BalkanSchnail Mail: free real mail for life! -- If you are excited and would use Schnail mail, please let us know by pressing the button below to send a tweet. Why not let us know by pressing the appropriate button below to tell us if you will use Schnail Mail:

Woody Allen Interview - Woody Allen Blue Jasmine Quotes - Esquire -- My two teenage girls think of me as ancient. I don't think of the joke and then say it. I say it and then realize what I've said. She taught me to work and not to waste time. And I've had wonderful times working with him. It's amazing for someone who's spent his life in show business or worked in dramatic art to look down at the theater where, thousands of years ago, guys like Mike Nichols and Stephen Sondheim and David Mamet were in togas, thinking, Gee, I can't get this line to work. You know, I've been working on it all night. I mean, the guy in Tulsa thinks the picture's a masterpiece, and the guy in Vermont thinks it's the dumbest thing he's ever seen. Love works as a distraction. And work works as a distraction.

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