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flowgrep is a simple little tool i wrote that basically marries ngrep and tcpflow. you can grovel through reassembled TCP streams and reassembled UDP and IP packets for arbitrary content specified using regular expressions. when you find a match you can save or even kill the stream (in the case of TCP streams). "the world's cheapest IPS" according to one friend. what can you do with flowgrep? you can do measurements of particular traffic, you can build a very cheap IPS device (ie for mail-based worm infestations), disrupt spammers, or you can just sniff on your coworkers.

requirements: python 2.2 or later, pynids 0.3 or later, and libnids. a basic OpenBSD port for pynids is located here:

have fun.



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Last modified: Sunday, Dec 19, 2004 @ 08:48am
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