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the bitchpants trade

i'm composing this in the luxembourg airport (aerogare), and i'm noticing a high concentration of bitchpants. i can't think that the world has made so pairs many bitchpants that they're just stashed away in americans' closets like confederate money, weapons of mass destruction, or earth shoes, so i suspect we shipped them here, to europe.

the bitchpants trade has taken a heavy toll on the presence of bitchpants in america. currently, the only places where you can find bitchpants making a strong presence are south beach, miami, chelsea, manhattan, and in the immediate circle around todd oldham. it seems we shipped our bitchpants here, since about 25% of the people i see here are wearing bitchpants. that includes at least two families travelling "pret a bitchpant".

this trip to europe taught me a few things, including stuff not related to bitchpants. more bitchpants have entered the building, and my battery is getting low. i'll see you stateside.

i would have liked to have seen the architecure in amsterdam, i should schedule a trip sometime. same for paris, i should go sometime.



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