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eating, playing, week of sep 29

little dom's been feverin' lately, but he's slowly getting better.

for the past year and a half i've been working my way through cookbooks and stuff, learning new recipes and techniques, rarely repeating myself. it's a challenge, and sometimes beth wants an old favorite that fell way back, but overall we've found a few gems. here's a couple we made this week: we eat well, and it's a lot of fun to cook.

been getting into wooden toys for dominic. i can't bring myself to spend $56 a set on wooden blocks, so i've been investigating making my own. stay tuned ...

does dominic need his own homepage on kidmondo? it may simplify stuff for his relatives to keep track of him.

also been thinking about finally painting inside the house. i wonder if we could pull off peacock blue cabinets.



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