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temporary interruption

some of you noticed that the aggregators i run were down for about 24 hours. the machine hosting them died. i have migrated it to a different box (an older macppc box running netbsd) and, after building a lot of software, i can now run it there.


the transition to the netbsd/macppc box was not without some issues. the cpu is slow (ppc604/120) and so scp's take a long time, and timed out about 1/3 of the time. by upgrading to a later openssh version, i got improved compatability and performance. i found a bug in gawk and a gsub() pattern. i found a bug in the netbsd date command. i'm having to rebuild my entire HSH database because i copied it over flat and didn't respect my timestamps. stuff like that took this from a 1h project to a 4h project. i need sleep.

more later.



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Last modified: Thursday, Jun 12, 2003 @ 10:14pm
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