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democracy as an insurgent value

"dino in your town", a piece of grafitti we found in ann arbor.

i was gonna write this nice piece about how the american government and military has failed to see the truth that they need to not only want to see people become democratic, you have to get them to want it, as well. you have to sell democracy, and frankly, the military has done a poor job of that. we've spent the past twenty of thirty years learning how alternative forms of government (socialism, communism) are sold to a populace, and yet we think that democracy doesn't need a sales pitch. it does, and it has a similar sales pitch as any form of government. peace, prosperity, and fairness. you don't, however, sell it at gunpoint. if people see that you're willing to use weapons on anyone, and not just their enemies, they wont trust you. you don't get people interested in democracy when you can't deliver the basics to them, namely power, jobs, and water. and you don't get it by allowing for corruption to fill the power void you created.

that's it in a nutshell, although i'm not going to write much more about it, i'm happy to chat with you about it in general. maybe when i have some more energy i'll write about it.

i have made the micro GNU Emacs editor binary available for OS X. you can find it linked on the MgEditor wiki page. i'll update it for tiger once i get that installed and running. despite being a vi guy at heart, i admit i'm making fewer errors with the escape key now that i don't have to use it so often.



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