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© is for copyright, as in "this material copyright 2003-2004 jose nazario, all rights reserved." i recently had to drop the hammer on someone about that very fact, they were lifting some of my stencil pictures without my permission or any attribution. it took up bandwidth and ultimately stole credit from me. they didn't claim ownership, but by not giving any attribution i had been robbed of it.

now that i'm an author and have various forms of intellectual property floating about, making money, i have gained new insight into the world of IP. i don't favor draconian DRM technologies, but i do expect people to be reasonable. i'm flabbergasted that some people will assume that because they CAN download something they have a RIGHT to use it without attribute. it doesn't work like that, and that's not even close to fair use.

i have to vigorously defend my material now because i'm gathering new material for new books and tools. if i don't defend my copyright, i'll lose any hope of getting it. i want to share with people, i want to share this material with people, but i want to be clear about where it came from. i'm flattered that people like to steal images from my life and pretend they have parts of my life, but i can't allow it.

respect the copyright, it's here to protect creators. my whole site, unless deignated otherwise, is copyright 2002-2004 by me. this is not a creative commons licensed site.



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