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power and ribbon cables.

toyed around with beanshell, "lightweight scripting for Java". i played around with java some years ago when i was still very new to C, so the heavyweight nature of Java wasn't that useful to me. but now i'm actually interested in toying around with it some more, especially some of the string distance metric tools which are Java only.

beanshell is attractive because i can write functional Java that doesn't bear the weight of a full application, and i can toy around in an active bsh window and test stuff out as i go. this is how i use python (two windows active, one with an active python interpreter like ipython and one with my editor and code opened). bsh makes this more closely possible in Java. sure you can toy with stuff like JavaScript, but you wont have access to all of the Java libraries and packages. bsh lets you do that ... jython seemed too mixed up for me (python and java ..) to be useful.

robert points me at Java scripting languages: Which is right for you?, which looks at a number of facets, including performance. beanshell doesn't do too well ... but since i just want to play with java, beanshell will do, at least better than jython for my purposes.

i'm digging on OS X for stuff like this. far more suited to Java work than Windows is (only because of memory management issues, my thinkpad bogs down quickly under Win XP once i fire up Java). i can totally see why les is digging it for development, too.



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