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so here's an idea: a browser plugin for skype that detects phone numbers (ie via a regular expression) and provides "click to dial" functionality.

alternatively use a phone that it's associated with and dial over bluetooth.

earlier today i was looking at the hotel we'll be at in seattle for our honeymoon and wondered if the alternate gym facilities had a swimming pool. if so, it's worth the $10 for me to do that instead. being able to place the call and ask the question without leaving my seat would have been convenient. it's 2005, why the heck can't we do this?

i'm not interested in converged devices, but i am interested in streamlined workflows. this would, i think, merge the fact that we can control point devices from one or more locations. why not make use of it? why not make my life all that more easy? we can build it, we have the technology ...



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Last modified: Saturday, Aug 06, 2005 @ 10:43pm
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