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cilantro chicken

the basic recipe is as follows: coat the chicken in the cornstarch and soy sauce for a few minutes. heat the oil in your wok, add the garlic and jalapeno, sesame oil, and the chicken. cook the chicken until it's cooked throgh, stirring often to ensure even cooking. add 1/4 cup sherry to the pan. add the vegetables to the wok and continue to cook until the onion and peppers begin to soften. add the green onions and the baby bok choy, cook until they start to soften. toss in the cilantro, cook for another few minutes. mix the above well (make sure it's cold to dissolve the corn starch) and add it to the wok. heat until it begins to boil.

you're done. serve it with some steamed white rice ...


ok, so you want your chicken, pork, and beef in stiry fries to be very, very tender and almost pro-like? don't cube it based on the outsdie edge of the piece of meat. instead, slice it diagonally across the meat, into variously sized pieces. not paper thin, but somewhat thin. this will cooke faster, and wind up more tender than you get with just cubing a piece of meat. the problem appears to be the outside of the meat which has had a chance to harden and stiffen. this doesn't go well for having a tender piece of chicken, beef, or pork. instead, make the interior of the meat the major surface.



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