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book coming soon

above is the cover for my forthcoming WormsBook. about a year and a half after i was contacted to write it, it's coming out. a lot of work, a lot of hours and late nights. and i have to thank beth for her understanding and patience through it all, i really appreciate it. (you can see a bigger image of the cover, too.) and i forgot to thank people at artech who made this all possible, including rolf, tiina, tim, and rebecca. lots of people go into the production of any one book, and their patience and professionalism made this work out. plus the book's editors, jenn and michal, they really improved the book significantly.

if you order now from artech, you can get the book for US$72. the list price is US$85 or GBP59 ... thanks, grey, for reminding me.

i have more up my sleeve, stay tuned.



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Last modified: Wednesday, Oct 08, 2003 @ 11:28am
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