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wormblog started because my bookmark to blog tool MyBookmarkBlogger simply didn't do much more than post the link to the page and its title. useful to a point, but not much beyond that. on a related note it's why i don't normally use

basically, i would try and go back and find the paper or the link i wanted to review or get some information from and, because i only had a title, i couldn't. no extra information was around ... hence, i had to sift through hundreds of bookmarks without any context. tedious, to say the least. and it turns out many people started to pay attention to the worm-related bookmarks i was posting.

so, i started wormblog to marry the idea of publicly bookmarking things along with information that i could use to review them when i needed to go back through my archives. for papers i post an abstract along with the paper link, and a few thoughts usually. same for tools and events. it's been a huge hit with the community overall, and has become a resource for many worm researchers. for myself, i can search or cut across tags on the pieces. (i had so many posts that the limited category system started to fail, so i made it more fine grained and turned it into tags.)

success! searchable, visible, and usable. a blog is a flexible tool, and this is just one use of it.

see also Dear Blog: Today I Worked on My Book, from the NYTimes on july 4 about how authors and writers use blogs to generate material.



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