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Hot Arxiv Papers for May 28, 2013

[1305.5716] On a quite recent proposal of faster than light quantum communication in proposals, approximations, member institutions We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

[1305.5926] Gluon splitting in a shockwave in gluon density, logarithmic approximation, saturation than the nuclear saturation momentum, and the "double parton scattering limit",

[1305.4987] Robust Logistic Regression using Shift Parameters in significant improvement, member institutions, stat Robust Logistic Regression using Shift Parameters

[1305.5597] Search for Gamma-ray Spectral Lines with the Fermi Large Area Telescope and Dark Matter Implications in instrument calibrations, global significance, gamma rays particles that are excellent dark matter candidates. We have searched for spectral lines in the energy range 5--300 GeV

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