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Hot Arxiv Papers for October 15, 2013

[1310.3460] On A Class of Finsler Metrics of Einstein-Reversibility in Abstract: In this paper, we introduce the notion of Einstein-reversibility for Finsler

[1310.3814] Athena+: The first Deep Universe X-ray Observatory in structures we see today? All information related to Athena+, including the full list of white paper contributors and Athena+ supporters (1178 as of today) can be found on the Athena+ web site: this http URL

[1310.3420] Single top quark production cross section at the Tevatron in Abstract: The latest results on the measurements of electroweak top-quark production at

[1310.3737] Law of Urination: all mammals empty their bladders over the same duration in We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

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