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Hot Arxiv Papers for June 10, 2013

[1306.1557] Extending Universal Intelligence Models with Formal Notion of Representation in model optimization, heuristic, member institutions Abstract: Solomonoff induction is known to be universal, but incomputable. The final publication is available at

[1306.1572] Special positions of body-and-cad frameworks in geometric properties, internal motion, cad frameworks rigidity for the majority of Computer Aided Design (CAD) structures. Since, in practice, CAD users often rely on highly organized

[1306.1553] Direct Uncertainty Estimation in Reinforcement Learning in probability distribution, probabilistic approach, simplification Abstract: Optimal probabilistic approach in reinforcement learning is computationally

[1306.1547] Beyond Locality-Sensitive Hashing in data structure, member institutions, first data + O(1 / c^3) + o(1). By a standard reduction we obtain a data structure for the Hamming space

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