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addicted to rss!

i am addicted to rss. mainly because i am addicted to news, i am addicted to ways i can consume more and more of it.

this evening i had a very interesting site brought to my attention, this site is nothing if not condensed world events. it's now in the InfoSecNews aggregator and the WorldNews aggregator. i even generate the data to RSS internally and then consume that ...

and, to top it all off, i made beth a MacNews aggregator the other night. granted, the wwdc had just kicked off, so it was chock full of news, but the general trend has been pretty positive, so far. right now i think it needs some layout help (almost all of the aggregators to), and hopefully a layout that works will present itself soon enough. you can find the MacNews aggregator here. it's beta, but not too bad for a beta level site. like i said, it needs help in the layout/style department.

if you've been reading OpenBsdJournal, then you have no doubt noticed a slowdown in the pace of stories. i'm going to back off my "story a day" pace and work on quality. i found i was sacrificing quality for that quantity, and it was catching up to me. please submit news, that's my main source for information.

and finally, les has convinced me to use the guid tag, when will he convince you?



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