cowboy me, 2.0: jose nazario beauty and the street

a few items to note

a junior-senior video, so worth watching. from lurene.

the SeventhHeavenBettingPool is over, beth came the closest. simon hit someone while driving and killed a kid, hence the police showing up. beth came closest because chandler's dad died (but it was pretty much skipped over in the show).

i'll be at nanog 29 in chicago in a few weeks, slides coming soon.

i will also be at pacsec a few weeks after that. thank you, dragos :)

wiretap, from ambrosia software, is pretty awesome. audio hijack is also very cool. good for stream ripping on os x. thanks beth and jrock.

and finally, kid koala is on tour, i'll have to go see him. probably in chicago ...



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