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ann arbor democrat office

this is the ann arbor democratic HQ, an office on fourth street. it's next to a place i like to go for lunch, eastern accents. good lunch menu, nice snacks, etc ...

the window used to have several bumper stickers that said various classic anti-war statements, including "make love not war". they took those down once kerry was reported firmly saying he's still in favor of the war in iraq. this brings up a sore point for me: while i'm opposed to bush and the current administration on so many levels, i don't think kerry will win many votes this way, at least beyond the already converted. he's just not playing it well. sure many americans are for the war, but last time i looked it appeared a majority doubted the sanity of it knowing what we know now. why isn't he taking this line, which he's hiited at before? who knows. the democrats have long been lousy at politicing, and sadly this year's election is probably going to be down the drain for them. but they could have tried.

the emerging marketer in me is frustrated by the left's inability to effectively create a message. this is a problem that runs top to bottom, from organic milk to politics. the carton of organic milk asks, "why should you drink organic milk?" it goes on to lecture you abotu antibiotics and imply that you're a better person for drinking organic milk. what would be more effective? "it's better for you, and tastes better, too." same with politics, "our candidate is better for you, your family, and the world at large."

one of the best commercials that's been effective at this in recent memory is reagan's "it's morning in america" commercial in 1984. for a great summary of political advertising on TV, have a look at the american museum of the moving image and their ongoing exhibit, the living room candidate. you can view almost all of it online, but i think i'd love to see it in person.



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