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fixing bugs

fixed up a couple of bugs in the way trogdor handles data. for some reason people who update late in the day would lose entries because of the way trogdor caches today's links. now it will also run a link thinking it's yesterday before it runs the first batch for today. i love python (what the core of trogdor is written in), the community gave some simple answers which explained it all. in a nutshell, to get it to print yesterday, just do this:
  print time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y", time.localtime(time.time()-86400))
and that's it. you're done.

had some of the code fixups i have done incorporated into cheesewiki, including wiki2rss.

i can now, honestly, say that i code in python and php. i'm pretty proud of that. i have lost track of the number of languages i list on my resume i can develop in, but they're sufficiently broad that i'm pretty happy with it. too bad some are esoteric (ie awk) for this world. and i guess i'm not a heavy Perl hitter, either. but i shall not cry about it.



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Last modified: Thursday, Jun 12, 2003 @ 10:14pm
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