Hot Arxiv Papers for April 17, 2014

[1401.1219] Consciousness as a State of Matter in matter, "perceptronium", with distinctive information processing abilities. Our approach generalizes Giulio Tononi's integrated

[1404.4049] A census of the expected properties of classical Milky Way dwarfs in Milgromian dynamics in Carina, and Fornax in the framework of Milgromian dynamics (MOND). For Milgromian dynamics to survive further

[1404.4184] Airborne Ultrasonic Tactile Display Brain-computer Interface Paradigm in We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

[1404.4051] Optical and infrared polarimetry of the transient LMXB Cen X-4 in quiescence in We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

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Marketplace Music: Wednesday April 16 2014

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Four short links: 15 April 2014

In addition to, San Francisco, source code

Welcome Kat, Yuri, Patrick and Elizabeth - Y Combinator Posthaven -- Yuri is the cofounder and CEO of AeroFS, which he started in 2010. Yuri will be especially helpful to enterprise companies we fund, which is not an area weve historically had much expertise in. Several founders from the most recent batch went out of their way to tell me how much theyve liked working with him.Patrick Collison is joining us as part-time partner. Patrick is the cofounder and CEO of Stripe. He knows a lot about every part of running a startup, but he thinks about hiring and company culture better than anyone else I know.

Tech and Community Service Organizations Need a #OneCity Approach -- When tech companies and social service organizations met recently at City Hall, we expected the meeting to expose some of the tensions we had been reading about in the press - you know the story: corporate shuttle buses attacked, millionaires' homes targeted while thousands of hard-working city dwellers struggle to find affordable housing. Throughout its history, which long predates the tech industry, the YMCA's commitment to healthy children has required the collective efforts of the whole city working together. We may just be getting to know one another but we have the same goals for our city and we'll be reaching for them with a "one city" approach.

Entrepreneur First Thinks It Can Grab The Talent Long Before YC | TechCrunch -- The world of tech startup accelerators has become an ocean of choices. Smart graduates flood out of university with a choice do a startup or (as is often the case often) get a high-flying job, such as in the world of finance or management consultancy. His view is that there will be essentially two accelerators left in the world YC and the few that manage to survive on investing in startups created by the people who didnt take it into YC.

ToneDen Player -- However dom and urls must be specified.dom: The selector (to be passed to jQuery) for the container you want your player to render in.urls: Array of urls to SoundCloud artists, tracks, or sets.Check out the documentation for a full list of the config parameters and defaults.Single-Track Players:The player will automatically default to the single-track player below if only one track url is provided.You can also set the parameters tracksPerArtist: 1 or single: true to force a single track to play for an artist url.Example:ToneDen.player.create({

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Hot Arxiv Papers for April 15, 2014

[1208.3524] Power-law distributions in binned empirical data in Abstract: Many man-made and natural phenomena, including the intensity of earthquakes,

[1404.3302] The University of Washington Mobile Planetarium Do-it-Yourself Guide in We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

[1404.3686] Effects of Extreme Obliquity Variations on the Habitability of Exoplanets in We gratefully acknowledge support fromthe Simons Foundation and member institutions

[1404.3338] Differential Galois Theory in the class of formally real fields in Abstract: We study strongly normal extensions within the class of formally real fields.

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Marketplace Music: Monday April 14 2014

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Four short links: 14 April 2014

New York, venture capital, In other words

Fred Wilson Interview - Business Insider -- I think a lot what were seeing now is because the Facebook model was the dominant model for a long time and I think a lot of people now are interested in these other models. But I really like working with entrepreneurs and finding new things, new technologies, new business models, new things to get excited about. That means were committed to continuing our involvement at USV in the same way that weve been involved for the past ten years for another three or four years, minimum, because thats how long it takes to invest a new fund. I think theres one other, but I cant think of which one it is right now. Working on companies that arent going to be successful is, I think, an important part of being a VC because you say to the entrepreneur, Take my money because were going to bring my time and our resources to help you be successful. Just because theyre not successful doesnt mean you can just bail on them. If there was a way to just put a Turntable room on and listen to it in the background, I think we could have built an interesting business. I think theres a huge market out there for, I dont really want to think about it. The sale to Yahoo in some ways was, I think, a reflection of the fact that they ran out of time on that. I think that there are a bunch of companies that have been around for a while in New York. These are not new stories and havent been new stories in a long time. We thought about investing in his company, but everybody here at USV was like, I dont know if we can do this.

Software eats software development | chris dixon's blog -- Software is eating the world, and doing so using smaller and smaller teams. Small teams can have a big impact because software development (and deployment) has improved dramatically over the past decade. Open source dominates every level of the software stack, including operating systems (Linux), databases (MySql), web servers (Apache), and programming languages (Python, Ruby). These tools let non-programmers create software in certain pre-defined categories, thereby lowering costs and reducing the demand for developers. Examples: Shopify (e-commerce), WordPress (blogging), and Weebly (small business websites). In the pre-Internet era, tools like Hypercard and Visual Basic allowed hundreds of millions of semi-technical people to become software developers. -- of time and figure out that this patch won't protect your private keys. (The Chinese Remainder Theorem parameters are included in OpenSSL private

Team Management App Weekdone Now Reports To Android | TechCrunch -- Finally, at the end of each week, the app compiles an automatic visual dashboard and textual report of whats been achieved since the last update, and whats planned for the following week, which is sent to managers and team members via email, PDF or accessible on the web, iOS and Android versions of Weekdone.

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Four short links: 13 April 2014

drawing board, Log In, health care, hot water

Stripe (company): How did Stripe come up with its name? - Quora -- It seemed like a cool developer-y name, which jibed with what the company was building.However, as it turned out, there were a few problems with the name /dev/payments. We started getting mail addressed to SLASHDEV/SLASHFINANCE, and we saw other similarly crazy misparses of the name.Secondly, the name looked pretty ridiculous to anyone who didn't see the association with device nodes and how easy it is to write to them. Every few days, we'd sit down for hours at a time to try to come up with a name that we liked. We'd all throw names into the pool, discuss their virtues, and then eventually we'd narrow down to something we all liked.One such name was stack. The next name we came up with was forge big, strong, building something. However, we'd separately come up with the name PayDemon and had already purchased both and (we just couldn't let go of our UNIX references, apparently).

Gov. Patrick pushes to ban noncompete agreements in employment contracts - Busin ... -- In exchange for banning noncompete agreements, Patrick wants Massachusetts to adopt the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, which prevents workers from taking companies intellectual property to other businesses but leaves them free to join or launch competitors whenever they want. And they have a long history in Massachusetts, said Andrew Botti, an employment lawyer for companies and former chairman of the Small Business Association of New England, which previously opposed bans on noncompete clauses. A 2010 study by professors at Yale University and Brock University in Ontario, which cited California and Massachusetts as examples, concluded that the enforcement of noncompete clauses significantly impedes entrepreneurship and employment growth.

Missouri State of Mind: Cigarettes in Drugstores -- Those of us old enough to remember tobacco product sampling on the streets still, occasionally, marvel at these gestures toward tobacco de-normalization. But, this month, the focus has been on the announcement by the CVS drugstore chain (second largest, by number of outlets) to stop selling tobacco products. And some of those would be allies have reportedly been balking at CVS's sales of tobacco products.

The real use of money is to buy freedom - on startups -- The only, legitimate use of money is to be able to say no to things you dont want to do and yes to things which feel out of reach. The only possessions I really care about fit inside a small backpack: a laptop and a portable hard drive.

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