Jose Nazario

a 30-something technologist who used to be a biochemist. now i travel the world helping people secure their networks. all from ann arbor, mi.

here you'll find my blog, projects, pictures, my wiki, and much more. what you wont find is a strong set of design skills.

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Marketplace Music: Wednesday October 29 2014

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Marketplace Music: Tuesday October 28 2014

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.Net Bio Sequence Alignment in F#

been exploring the .Net Bio library, using F# (my .Net language of choice). found this while playing with Rosalind problems.

here's a port of a specific example piece of code showing a basic sequence alignment using that library.

despite my background with a grad degree in biochemistry and over a decade in comp sci, bioinformatics still doesn't turn me on. you would think it should given that it's the marriage of what i studied and what i do. nope.

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