Illustration & Graphic Design

Grockit Badges a reward system to encourage studying

The basis of Grockit is to encourage students to study by making it more more fun and engaging through game mechanics and collaboration. The badge system rewarded students for behavior we wanted to encourage, such as chatting with each other, joining sessions, and studying all subjects equally.

I designed and illustrated the series of badges, with the goal of making them fun and exciting as well as appealing to all age groups who may be using Grockit.

Grockit Pets motivating studying through non-scholastic activities

Similar to the badges, Grockit Pets are a simple motivational systems that encourages students to study by rewarding them with items they can use within the game. By tying academic achievement to fun, non-academic activities such as feeding and taking care of a pet, we hope to encourage studying and increase time spent in the application.

I illustrated seven moods and positions for five different animals, giving users a choice of pet.

Facebook Celebrity College Quiz a matching game to promote Grockit on Facebook

As a means of promoting Grockit on Facebook, a matching game was created where the player would match celebrities with the colleges they attended. To play the game, users drag the label with the college and avg. SAT score to the matching celebrity. Since the interaction was simple, we added visual flourishes to make the game more enticing.

When I designed the game logo, it was important to keep in mind how it would appear in a Facebook newsfeed. Feeds can be visually crowded, so it was important to create a logo with rich color and simple iconographic imagery to make it easily recognizable when friends scan the page.

Grockit Announcements getting a students attention and keeping them on track

Many Grockit features were timely, depending on what the user had done last time they were studying and how far along they were in their study plan. To make it easy for students to know what they should do next, we devised a system that presented the what the system thought was the most appropriate action the user should take at that moment.

To enliven the page and bring attention to the actions when they changed, each type of task had a different illustration associated.

Grockit Home and Informational Pages communicating the value of Grockit to new and potential users

Grockit Homepage

As a new product, most visitors to Grockit know little to nothing about it. Because we need to build the brand, it is important to communicate clearly the value of signing up and paying for the various products. We chose to advertise many of our products separately, and built landing pages for each which a user would find through search and advertisements.

My role on the project included:

  • Worked closely with Marketing team to develop appropriate content for different products and customers.
  • Contacted users to get approval to use quotes and pictures from real people for authenticity.
  • Responsible for page layout, illustrations, and developing brand.

Example design-work: